Find Me Up North

Find Me Up North is a love letter to growing up in Northern Michigan, a short film by a team versed in commercial tourism advertising producing a project about home.

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Find Me Up North


FIND ME UP NORTH is a love letter to Northern Michigan. After working in tourism and commercial advertising for clients both locally and around the country, the team from PRACTICAL now showcase an area on their own terms— home. The result is an anthem, and a uniquely personal film about growing up in Northern Michigan. The premiere of the film in September of 2018 sold out the Traverse City Opera House and featured the CHS Philharmonic Strings live-performing the score.

The production effort spanned over 2 years, included 80 shoot days, 35 different locations around Northern Michigan, and came forth from the contributions of over 100 local cast and crew. The Practical Team will forever cherish the relief and response that followed this film, and we want to say thank you to everyone you made this possible and powerful. This is for you.


One of the goals of Find Me Up North is to begin cultivating a significant filmmaking culture in Northern Michigan by connecting filmmakers, artists, and the resources and support in the community. We want to make films that lift up the area and the creative community that works here and calls it home. You can support us by watching and sharing our films, but also by participating! Find Me Up North was a collective effort. Partner with us or volunteer as cast / crew through our TALENT BOOK to help us with our next film.

Thank you! - PRACTICAL



JohnPaul Morris

Katie Fox-Webb

Jake Burgess

JohnPaul Morris

The King’ by Tony Anderson

Grant Floering

Greg Griener

Brody Steel

Grant Piering

Nick Mulvane

Paul Genzink

Sam Crick

Liam Kaiser

Brandon Clair

Sleeping Bear Dunes

Filling Station Microbrewery

Timeless Aerials


The Cooks House

Phantom Aerial

Grand Traverse Resort

Turtle Creek

Sleeping Bear Surf & Kayak

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Live Arrangement

Sound Mixing


Additional Footage

Thank You To


  • Olivia Oxholm

  • Jen Anderson

  • Erin Lafrate

  • Hallie Kohler

  • Sam Crick

  • Mae Stier

  • Henry Morris

  • Oliver Morris

  • Andy Largent

  • Benjamin Law

  • Casey Granada

  • Derek Roush

  • Grant Buell

  • Joanna Riness

  • Joey Meredith

  • Karissa Buell

  • Stephen Sheppard

  • Taren Thomas

  • Tilda Kinere

  • Tatiana Crespo

  • John Pomeroy

  • Levi Price

  • Joelle Price

  • Larry Bouwense

  • Sharon Bouwense

  • Brent Miller

  • Dave McCaw

  • Freddie Cunningham

  • Marge Mooney

  • Grace Boyles

  • Emily Northway

  • Alexis Garmhausen

  • Zoe Gum

  • Matthew Bouwense

  • Jenny Jenness

  • Austin Jenness

  • Grace Guba

  • Colin Peters

  • Eryle Masters

  • Kelsey Ramirez

  • Carley Veenstra

  • Dara Veenstra

  • Ryan Racanelli

  • Josh Webb

  • Katie Fox-Webb

  • Mark Goethel

  • JohnPaul Morris

  • Audrey Prisk

  • Curtis Monaghan

  • Taylor Monaghan

  • Kendrick Satterfield

  • Grant Floering

  • Ella Skrocki

  • Jake Therrien

  • Megan Arntz

  • Katie Kaberle

  • Hattie Holmes

  • Kilee Millar

  • Abby Neissink

  • Hope Hanna

  • Kimberly King

  • Josephine Baldyga

  • Ava Provins

  • Zoe Galan

  • Isabelle Ranger

  • Isabel Aulicino

  • Ashley Frederick

  • Gabrielle Chuinard

  • Sophia Chuinard

  • Elise Powis

  • Ru Ferguson

  • Zoe Ferguson

  • Maria Rogers

  • Elizabeth Hebert

  • Athena Apfel

  • Grace Callaghan

  • Katherine Kiessling

  • Taylor Koloser

  • Eirwen Moshier

  • Veronica Woods

  • Dan Pearson

  • Robin Pearson

  • Beverly Cady

  • Stephen Dillon

  • Andy Girrell

  • Ken Masters

  • Rosanna Masters

  • Jake Burgess

  • Broderick Steele

  • Jay Bearup

  • Bruce DeBoer

  • Olivia Erwin

  • Samuel Erwin

  • Tirzah Erwin

  • Madelon Groenendaal

  • Allie Bukowski

  • Nora Bukowski

  • Isaac Whipple

  • Micah Whipple

  • Clair Whipple

              001    FIND ME UP NORTH