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Sometimes we Star Wars



Sometimes We Star Wars

It’s film festival week here in Traverse City. And so now it makes ten whole years that the Traverse City Film Festival has been playing “just great movies” for our summery little hometown. A huge tradition of the festival is to play free outdoor movies by the water, and with tonight’s showing being Star Wars: A New Hope (or just Star Wars for you classics), it’s appropriate that we release a particular short we’ve been working on. We hope this resonates with all the youthfulness still left in your soul.

I play every bad guy. Notice my spectacular summersault as I’m chopped in half.  

We shot the same day JohnPaul wrote the concept. The effects took a bit longer, but after everything, the only cost involved was time. Thank you to Grant Floering for being our Jedi Knight and Sandra Deyoung for doing some of everything as we shot. Marriage is not the Jedi way, but ironically, this was filmed only hours after their engagement. If Grant looks a little too happy while being sighted by an AT-AT, you know why.

If you’re in Traverse City tonight, go to Star Wars at the Open Space! We'll see you there.