PRACTICAL makes films and videos that are the culmination of cameras, research, travel, sketchbooks, sleep, screen time, and running wild. Based out of Traverse City and Grand Rapids Michigan, we love sharing our work and process with those around the world.

November Stills, 35mm

Title Image 9.jpg

November feels far away as I head into the new year, but looking back at the film scans I got back that month it's interesting to see the variety. I spent some time in LA with my friend and Producer Steen Wichmann as well as steeping in Michigan some time, for my birthday, which was the same day summer finally let go. It dropped 30 degrees and we got the year's first snow storm. Overall, it was a month of surprises. Mostly good. And it looks like this.

California Fall-74.jpg
California Fall-65.jpg
California Fall-20.jpg
California Fall-24.jpg

February Stills, 35mm


I haven't shared a full roll since July, since many of the frames were from projects that weren't not able to release or promote yet, but the last roll we got has no secrets on it, just a lot of wintry landscapes and some stills taken for the website store. Enjoy!  

Shot on Kodak Portra 160 35mm Film.


July Stills, 35mm

July Stills.jpg

For me, surprisingly, most of my time through July wasn’t spent behind a camera working on projects. The RED camera waits patiently to do real work as I spend most of my time leaning over paper, sketching, scripting, comparing and despairing. For the first time, summer for Practical hasn’t been the whirlwind it normally would be, and has been more of a long, calm breath before the storm. For the first time, it feels like a proper summer. The rolls I developed this month have been baptized in the waters of Lake Michigan and kissed by the sun, more family and friends than work since work is mostly writing and not very fun to photograph. It’s interesting though, that some of the biggest most exciting things happen on paper and yet because writing happens slowly and quietly, it almost appears invisible, like you almost wouldn’t know that we could be working on something big. But whether we are or whether we’re not, that’s not what we see right now, we just see that a Michigan summer still looks beautiful on 35mm film.