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After arriving in Reykjavik, we watched as the sun waited until midnight had passed to set. It gave the impression that we'd landed in a place where time is generous and the sun is shy. When the sun did shine through the clouds and rain, it shown on a land that was hard to recognize as the same Earth we'd left when we boarded the plane in Detroit. There's a lot to say but the first question we've had to answer is "was it a work trip?" The answer I've been giving is "kind of." We shot a lot but not for a project. We shot for ourselves-- something that I wish I had more time for in normal life. But this is the time we carved out for ourselves to do just that. Here are some BTS Kodak film images of the our time in Iceland.

Iceland QtB Roll 1-28.jpg
Iceland Rebel Roll 1-34.jpg
Iceland Rebel Roll 2-34.jpg
Iceland Rebel Roll 2-21.jpg
Iceland Rebel Roll 2-16.jpg
Iceland Rebel Roll 2-8.jpg
Iceland Rebel Roll 1-5.jpg
Iceland QtB Roll 2-12.jpg
Iceland QtB Roll 2-10.jpg
Iceland Rebel Roll 1-4.jpg
Iceland QtB Roll 1-21.jpg
Iceland Rebel Roll 1-7.jpg
Iceland Rebel Roll 1-33.jpg
Iceland Rebel Roll 1-9.jpg
Iceland QtB Roll 1-19.jpg
Iceland QtB Roll 2-25.jpg
Iceland QtB Roll 2-20.jpg
by JohnPaul Morris
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