PRACTICAL makes films and videos that are the culmination of cameras, research, travel, sketchbooks, sleep, screen time, and running wild. Based out of Traverse City and Grand Rapids Michigan, we love sharing our work and process with those around the world.

Best of 2018


At Practical, we push ourselves to work so we so can push ourselves to play. And 2018 was no exception. 

We fully took advantage of our second year at our Grand Rapids office by splitting our time and projects between both cities. Our client list grew and we were able to collaborate with other company's around the country and world. JohnPaul, Katie, and Jake created content for the NBA, and Practical produced commercials for Merrell and for the best place in the world-- Traverse City. Our team also extended further into the footage supply industry by providing content for Facebook, Audi, and Hyundai.

 Outside of our 8-5, the Practical team had some other notable memories. Members of the team competed in the Grand Rapids 36 Hour Film Challenge and took home 1st place in the Professional Film category. And then learned that we're all too old to be staying awake for 36 hours. We took some time to travel to Iceland and experience a whole other planet. And last but certainly not least, our constant collaborator Grant welcomed a new baby girl in December.

As we reflect on 2018, we're reminded of how many good people we have around us. We were able to put together some incredible productions teams that we were honored to labor with to create content for our clients. The cast that came on board where not only talented but a blast to be around. And we need to give a big shout out to our family, friends, and community who never cease to offer us love, hospitality, and remind us to eat something.

The biggest culmination of support came at the premiere of our two films in September, Future Kings and Find Me Up North. We felt an outpouring of love not only from the cast and crew involved but from the entire community. These films took years to create. They were passion projects and we created them on nights and weekends and then even longer nights in our offices; surrounded by people who believed in us, the story, and just wanted to make something fun. Seeing a full auditorium of faces we love was the greatest gift of our year. We’ll be creating more opportunities to see these films in 2019 and releasing at least one of them online.

But now enough of the sappy stuff. Here are some of our favorite moments of 2018. Thanks for being there with us. 

  • Katie Fox-Webb, Producer



Blog Title Image Ferdamadur Iceland.jpg

After arriving in Reykjavik, we watched as the sun waited until midnight had passed to set. It gave the impression that we'd landed in a place where time is generous and the sun is shy. When the sun did shine through the clouds and rain, it shown on a land that was hard to recognize as the same Earth we'd left when we boarded the plane in Detroit. There's a lot to say but the first question we've had to answer is "was it a work trip?" The answer I've been giving is "kind of." We shot a lot but not for a project. We shot for ourselves-- something that I wish I had more time for in normal life. But this is the time we carved out for ourselves to do just that. Here are some BTS Kodak film images of the our time in Iceland.

Iceland QtB Roll 1-28.jpg
Iceland Rebel Roll 1-34.jpg
Iceland Rebel Roll 2-34.jpg
Iceland Rebel Roll 2-21.jpg
Iceland Rebel Roll 2-16.jpg
Iceland Rebel Roll 2-8.jpg
Iceland Rebel Roll 1-5.jpg
Iceland QtB Roll 2-12.jpg
Iceland QtB Roll 2-10.jpg
Iceland Rebel Roll 1-4.jpg
Iceland QtB Roll 1-21.jpg
Iceland Rebel Roll 1-7.jpg
Iceland Rebel Roll 1-33.jpg
Iceland Rebel Roll 1-9.jpg
Iceland QtB Roll 1-19.jpg
Iceland QtB Roll 2-25.jpg
Iceland QtB Roll 2-20.jpg

Grand Rapids

hi GR.jpg

Deciding to open a second office 140 miles south of our first made a whole lot of sense to us. We've made that drive up and down US 131 about least 30 times a year for the past few years. Our team is split between Traverse City and Grand Rapids and we call both cities home.

We love expanding as artists with collaborators and clients. So in early 2017, we officially opened the doors to our office in downtown Grand Rapids. We've been really excited about the new people, companies, and projects we're gotten the opportunities to work with and can't wait for another year here in GR!