Fire Ignitions & Burns I, (6) Uncompressed HD Files

Fire Portraits.jpg
Fire Portraits.jpg

Fire Ignitions & Burns I, (6) Uncompressed HD Files


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These Fire Ignitions and Burns are made from real fire, isolated against black on set for 100% genuine fire for motion and video compositing. Recorded at 60fps and left uncompressed, the file can be sped up to normal speeds without affecting the quality or look of the fire, or can be used at slower speeds to create an allusion of scale.  The flames are about knee high, but can be scaled within reason and still appear genuine. Composite using the "screen" composite mode in any video or motion editor and then scale, blur, and adjust opacity as needed to achieve that really hot look you're going for.

The smaller, compressed versions of some of these files are available to try for free!

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Use real FIRE / SMOKE COMPOSITES to create an element of danger without any risk of harm to yourself.  PRACTICAL has done some of the work for you and now all you have to do is decide what you want to burn. All of our fire is recorded in (at least) 1080p, with many files in 4K and 6K.  Our composites designed to be versatile and easy to manipulate so it's simple and rewarding to achieve the effect you want for your scenes and projects.