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Practical was given a year to produce the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa's 2015 Commercial Campaign. While the initial time was spent working on the concept and defining the scope of the project, production had to move quickly to capture the light of summer before it faded into fall. A majority of our July was spent chasing the light in Northern Michigan, waking up at 4 in the morning to be ready to film in sunrise light and then waking up again at 4 in the afternoon to be ready to work in the sunset light. Weather was everything for this shoot. Every time the weather changed, so did our shooting schedule. We owe a great debt to the commitment and flexibility of our crew and our cast. But even with the labor and the hard hours, this project was a blast to assemble.

Produced by Practical 



SAVES   |   Short Film

We know how, now it's just a matter of how many.  SAVES tells the story of Deputy Josh Caulkins on his last day as a Tyler County, Texas Sheriff.  This is a true story told for and with the help of Armor Express.

Produced by Practical 



Lionheart   |  Music Video

The artist behind Valiant is a friend of Practical and did all of the stunts himself in this film for his debut single, Lionheart.  The athleticism and courage of all involved helped create and extremely dynamic film that is almost as interesting to watch as it was to film-- a great example of commitment, all around.

Produced by Practical 



Short's Brewing Co.  |  Storytelling for Business

A 22 year old named Joe Short thought it would be a good idea to quit college and open a brewery in a small town no one had heard of.  Practical wrote and produced this piece to celebrate the 10 years of Short’s Brewing Company, now one of the most successful microbreweries in Michigan and the definitely one of the most fiercely loved, for their beer as much as their personality.  

Produced by Practical


West Coast Travelogue  |  Lifestyle

West Coast Travelogue is a picture of change and adjustment to change, both in how it was filmed and how the vision for the piece was built into a cohesive film back in the peace of home. This is an exhibition of travel.  The State of Washington lends its own meaning to change. Motion pervades the beaches and sands, and the mist and fauna billow in unhurried patterns.  Filmed with one camera, one lens, and one memory card.  Only what fits in the backpack.

Filmed, Edited & Colored by JohnPaul Morris



Air Services Incorporated  |  Commercial

The immensity of space above earth, the force of speed, and the winds that rush high above oceans--    It’s hard to think that we have a right to live for any length of time in the world where aircraft take us to glance at terrifying vistas thousands of generations have never seen. But we see it, and it makes us think.  The 2 minute web ad we produced for Air Services Incorporated is a continuation of that thought, meant to help us think about flying in the 21st century.

Filmed & Edited & Colored by Practical


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  For Fun and Funds.

   Why we make films, because we usually need more of both.