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'GR' Film

REFERENCE FILMS    -   Travel to Marrakesh  //  Man of War  //  Go Turkey


Creative Summary:

Of all the tourism and advertising campaigns that exist about Grand Rapids, a key element always seems to be missing, its people. With this piece, we will experience all that Grand Rapids has to offer through the eyes of those experiencing it first hand. Because a city is more than concert halls and fine dining, it’s more than sculpture parks and carousel rides, it’s the people in the city that makes it what it is. In each shot there will be an individual, or individuals, interacting with the environments around them, enjoying the spaces they’re in, and communing with those they are closest with.


Examples of environments include but are not limited to:

  • A young girl riding the carousel at GR Public Museum

  • A group of teens walking through a FMG exhibit

  • A family enjoying John Ball Zoo

  • Young adults enjoy a beer at Founders Brewing

  • A couple take in a production at the Civic Theatre

  • Crowds gather at ArtPrize / GRAM

  • Crowd enjoying a concert / dance party at the Pyramid Scheme

It’s aww and wonder, the exploration and the celebration of what the city has to offer.



The footage will be shot in a way that allows each transition to utilize a match cut. Not every scene will be a one shot, but the last frame of each scene will be framed and blocked similarly to the first frame of the following shot.

Demo Script

Man fishing in the Grand River pan to woman walking, listening to music on her phone, begins to --

Run in Riverside park. She rounds a corner and stops to tie her shoe. She --

Kneels, a Farmer digs up vegetables, tosses them into a --

Wok in a kitchen, the chef is tossing the veggies over a fire, another cook walks past the shot delivering a plate to the --

Window at Taqueria San Jose and someone picks it up and walks outside, thanks the person holding the door for them, and walks toward a picnic table and they --

Sit in their seats the Wealthy Theatre/UICA with popcorn in hand. They lean forward to address the people in front of them. Two people in front turn around to address them.  We cut to the reverse to reveal --

Friends in a car, having arrived at their destination. They unbuckle and exit the car. Camera pans up to the sky as we cut to --

Pan down inside Frederik Meijer Gardens greenhouse.










Creative Summary

There are so many travel videos out there with footage cut to trendy music of people visiting exotic locations such as India, Panama, Australia or Iceland. So the question is, what would a video like that look like if someone made it about Grand Rapids? And how much better would it look if it were made by people with the inside scoop of where the best places to go would be? 



Creative Summary

Straight forward piece with the most epic shots of Grand Rapids. The look and feel would mimic that of Pure Michigan ad but would include more diversity in talent and shots, and would include more environments.