Give,  Invest, Supply.



       About half of Practical's projects and efforts are done for the love of the craft and for the love of sharing. They are possible because of our love for the craft and the encouragement we receive from people near and far. If you'd like to encourage us financially, know that 100% of donations go toward providing intern opportunities, free resources to film makers, and covering expenses for projects that otherwise might not be possible. Thank you!




       Our commercial work employs our team full time, but all of our other projects and work are an investment of time and interest with really no return other than being able to use our skills (and equipment) to create stories, images, and resources for other artists and filmmakers.

       100% of donations go towards covering expenses and costs that we could not otherwise cover ourselves and allow us to create and give away free resources, create internships, and of course, make films. Thank you so much for supporting our efforts and helping to create opportunities that might be impossible otherwise.



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