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The Team That is Practical


is a Michigan-based production team making concept, commercial, and narrative films. We value flexibility and intention with an emphasis on the application of cinematic theory and a well developed film aesthetic. That really just means cameras, research, travel, sketchbooks, sleep, screen time, and running wild.

Practical was born from the early independent film work of JohnPaul Morris and has quickly grown into a multifaceted creative effort. As the scope and ambition of our projects continues to increase, so does the level of collaboration and creative engagement. This pushes us to create projects that are ever more drawing to produce and rewarding to watch.


Director / Cinematographer

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More than Anything Else,

Practical is an exercise in productively learning in collaboration with other artists and filmmakers. As a team, we're on a mission to grow, push boundries, and we're as dedicated to sharing the process as much as we are the finished product.

We're always interested in growing our network, our team, and friends. We'd love to hear from you and what brings you to Practical, so drop a line and SAY HELLO.


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