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More than Anything Else

Practical is an exercise in productively learning in collaboration with other artists and filmmakers. The company was born from the early independent film work of JohnPaul Morris and has quickly grown into a multifaceted creative effort.  The scope and ambition of our projects continues to increase, as does the level of engagement and collaboration, connecting and pushing to create projects that are ever more engaging to work on and more impressive to watch.  The team includes JohnPaul Morris, Matthew Bouwense, Jake Burgess, Katie Fox, and Grant Floering.




PRACTICAL is a Young,

Michigan-based production team making concept, commercial, and narrative films. We value flexibility and intention with an emphasis the application of cinematic theory and a well developed film aesthetic. That really just means travel, cameras, research, sketchbooks, sleep, screen time, and running wild.

Even though many of our projects are both conceived and produced by the Practical team internally, inspiration often comes from a range of other artists and filmmakers. The Practical workflow serves each project as a whole. Whether our involvement is integral or specialized, the vision comes first and no technical aspect is greater than that or separate from it. 



       More and more we’re learning that creating is not about the product any more than it's about the process.  It sounds obvious, but in practice, working with people who can create and work in an environment that is both sustainable and enjoyable does, almost always, show itself in the product. That environment comes from creative people working together, working well, and working well together through the challenges of staying creative.


Our team and our network is always growing and Practical is almost always looking to bring new people in, whether for full time creative position or for a specific project.  It's also important to acknowledge the support we get form outside the team, both in spirit and also financially through our commercial collaborations.

The Team:    Grant Floering, Matthew Bouwense, JohnPaul Morris, Jake Burgess, R2-D2.




JohnPaul Morris acts as a resident Director of Photography while managing concepts and teams for almost all of Practical's projects.  Matthew Bouwense is an experienced editor, concept writer, project manager for commercial endevours.  The entire team and the effort put forward by that team allows us to operate our blog, resource library, our social media, and facilitates our ability to collaborate online-- all while operating as a competitive production company.

The Practical Resource Library is designed to share tools and techniques that we've learned / forged, and basically represents our answers to the questions we asked and are asked most.  It's our way of engaging with a larger filmmaking community and in turn allows us to become better at what we do AND THEN go back and share better tools and more advanced techniques. 


           Our basic function is simply that of a commercial and creative film production company.  Artists from Practical have worked with Pioneer Audio, Mario Batali, Short's Brewing Co., ABC, The Fresh Exchange, Armor Express, Hillsong, Roo Panes, Alex G, Jetty Rae... and many others we imagine most people haven't heard of. 

Feel free to reach out concerning commercial or collaborative inquiries on our contact page, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for news, updates, images, and other enjoyable things of that nature.

Practical is based in Traverse City, Michigan.